Working on the next issue of PSW

As you people might know, I translate all the international animal communication sessions Maiccu Kostiainen does these days. This way the customers get their readings faster, since it is easier for Maiccu to do the communication session in Finnish. As you communicate with animals the information often flows quite fast and it would slow the process enormously is she had to translate the text at the same time. I do love to help in any way I can, and we have other mutual projects & interests what it comes to animals & animal communication with Maiccu as well, so it is kind of natural to do it this way. And make no mistake about it: all the information that comes up in these readings with your animals are confidential and safe with me and Maiccu.

We are slowly putting together the next issue of The Power of Silent Wisdom. This time the theme will be fear. Leyla, a horse in spirit, will talk about fear, just like the water snake that visited Maiccu's house the other day and then we have a surprise guest: Lilly the pig from The Gentle Barn, California. We got the permission to publish her wonderful message in our e-magazine and because they do amazing work over there, giving a true haven for all these mistreated animals, we are more than happy to help them to spread the word about their farm this way. In addition, Maiccu will work with other animals on the farm in the future as well.

As I was editing the fear issue today I cropped the picture of Lilly and thought that this pig is really beautiful animal. She has very loving energy. You can see that for yourself when we get our issue out some time in August. As it often happens, I send energy to the animals whose pictures I come by, just a few moments of loving thoughts and reiki. I am going to send some love to Lilly as I get to bed this evening morning. Lilly does not have much time left on earth, but she is not afraid, only speaking the words of love to her humans via Maiccu. I am very grateful that she and her humans wanted to contribute to PSW with her message.

I think we will hear more about the life on the farm soon. We have talked with the wild animals in our issues a lot, so it is good to see what is up with the domesticated farm animals for a change.

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