Maiccu is a good lecturer

Maiccu is giving couple of lectures again this weekend, in Seinäjoki, Finland. She absolutely loves to talk in front of people, so I assure you, that her lectures are never boring. Frankly, the theme is not boring either, because it is The Power of Silent Wisdom. There is nothing boring about that!

Contact Maiccu, if you and your friends, or your colleagues wish to know more about animal communication. We are not alone on this planet, and respect for nature and other living creatures who share it with us, is something we knew in the past and  something that we have to learn to re-member again in the future. If you wish to know more about intuitive animal communication and about the roles the animals play in our lives, you can contact Maiccu about a lecture. You tell the time and place, gather together people who are curious about this subject and Maiccu will be there.

She gives lectures both in Finnish and in English.

Maiccu viikonloppuna Seinäjoella

Eläinkommunikoija Maiccu Kostiainen
Photo: Lea Pihlman
Maiccu luennoi Voimaannu-messuilla Seinäjoella tänä viikonloppuna.

Maiccu rakastaa puhumista, joten Maicun luennoilla ei ole koskaan tylsää, ja sitä paitsi ei ole aihekaan kovin tylsä, nimittäin se on Hiljaisen Viisauden Voima!