Happy Thanksgiving to all the creatures!

Happy Thanksgiving to all the friends of Animals Talk!

This message is from the latest issue of The Power of Silent Wisdom (7) and it is an animal communication session of a rescued turkey from The Gentle Barn. Darshana gets to eat pie every Thanksgiving these days! (She was rescued from Thanksgiving with her sisters.) She is one happy turkey and she has a lot of stuff going on  in her mind. You can find her at the Virtual Barn. And if you have read all our issues, you know by now that she is definitely not the only animal who considers watching humans the best entertainment ever. She is a great messenger for all the turkeys in the world.

 Shh... Listen... to the power of silent wisdom. 

I (Maiccu) got emotions from Darshana immediately and she seems to be an unbelievable bird. I do not know why, but I get a feeling of a movie, a movie like The Star Wars, when I look at her picture. It is like she was very old and wise Yoda, who is sharing his great wisdom with others. Darshan is obviously the one who is walking around the farm, she is everywhere, watching everything with great dignity. If she had a walking stick she would knock the floor with it to get everybody's attention and to keep the order.

Darshana says very clearly to me, that she knows everything what is going on over there. She sees everything and she hears everything, her presense is everywhere. With Darshana you can use the old saying: ”The walls have ears.” If she is not present herself, watching the situation, she has her little spies who tell her things. It's like she has a system of her own and that is the way she leads her own little ”army”. She is like a teacher and very gentle at the same time, and she is a good friend for everybody. She likes that others think very highly of her and everybody also respects her a lot.

Darshana cannot understand that things are not as well with all the other turkeys. She cannot understand that there are places where children are born only because then they are eaten when they grow up. She thinks that this whole concept is incomprehensible. It is like it was with Buddha the cow (her communication session also took place in August, she is a cow from The Gentle Barn, a hugging cow, to be exact!), who could not understand that people eat beef. In the same way Darshana cannot understand that people do eat turkeys.

Darshana shows to me that she has a person who follows her and who walks with her. Seems like she has chosen one of you. And she listens very carefully what you people talk about wit each other. She is the one who reports all the other animals if a newcomer is coming to the farm and so on. When new animals arrive they already know how to be prepared and they already wait for the newcomer – all because of Darshan. She has an incredible memory and she remembers things way, way back. She has big archives inside her head, and she does not need paper, nor memory stick. It is like she was laughing: ”Hehe, people think that the turkeys have a bad memory...” It is quite the opposite she says. I would not be so respected now if I did not have such a good memory.

Darshana carries with her, buried deep down in her soul, memory and consciousness of the things that happen to most of the turkeys in the world, but at the same time she wants to bring love and good feelings to her own surroundings, so that all would feel good. In this way she does not think about the negative sides of life and she concentrates on good things only. Darshana hopes that she could help the visitors of the farm to respect turkeys by showing them how nice birds turkeys are and that there are so many other good things in them than just their meat.

Darshana says: 
”I love my big family and everyone is equally important. I have a special mission, I am the leader of the farm and I keep an eye on everybody. My most important job is to see that everybody is ok and that everything is ready and in order when we get visitors. I do not worry about the future, but I would like to be part of spreading the message about the turkeys to the whole world. We turkeys are very sophisticated birds and we have very warm relationships inside our families and we love our children very much. We watch as the eggs are born and we wait enthusiastically for the little birds to come out. We are very beautiful and wise birds. We are just as majestetic as the eagles are, even though we do not fly that high and that fast. I have a lot of friends here where I live and they all respect me. I have my own ways to find out things and I am always trustworhty, because I do not gossip. I love life. The idea, that I was not here to tell you about these things, because some human being had eaten me, is horrible. You people sometimes think that you know everything so much better. For us the best way to have fun is to watch what people do, it is the funniest thing to do that I know of.”

After these words I see in my mind how Darshana is going to do her own round. She does not quite trust that that everything is checked properly, that the doors are locked – she always does her own round after the people are gone. You have one great manager over there, who is making sure that things flow smoothly. Somebody might say that she is a strict manager, but just as much she is a true friend to everybody, gentle and loving. How could I put it... If you asked her she would tell you that she is loving and gentle but also strict. I doubt if anyone ”dares” to say NO to her, because she knows what is for the best anyway.

She has obviously been watching people very closely and she is almost able to tell what people are going to do next. Darshana is charming, lovable teacher with a big heart and she is also so very wise!

This animal communication session took place in August 8th, 2010 and it was done by Finnish animal communicator (pet psychic) Maiccu Kostiainen.


Hiljaisen Viisauden Voima 7 / The Power of Silent Wisdom 7

Hiljaisen Viisauden Voima 7
Vihdoinkin saimme kokoon  materiaalin, jota olemme jo kasanneet Maicun kanssa pari kuukautta.
Hiljaisen Viisauden Voimasta, numero 7, tuli kaikkien aikojen suurin numero. Siinä Rakkauden Verkon verhoa ovat raottamassa Gentle Barnin eläimet Buddha-lehmä ja Darshana-kalkkuna. Tapaamme myös Ellie Laksin, joka on perustanut tämän mahtavan rescuefarmin. Viimeisenä, eikä kaikkein mitättömimpänä vieraana on ihastuttava Herra Mäyrä, (mäyrien vastine Kiroilevalle Siilille) joka tahtoo levittää ilosanomaa ihmisten keskuuteen omalla tavallaan. Leyla, henkihevonen ja viisauden ykköslähettiläämme puhuu huolenpidosta, joka on muutenkin tämän numeron tärkein teema. 

Read The Power of Silent Wisdom (7) online! The words from Darshana-turkey give you a lot to ruminate this Thanksgiving. Enjoy! (Here you see how I first met Mr. Badger.)