Animals Talk Blog is up and running!

Maiccu Kostiainen is a Finnish animal communicator and she does all the animal interviews for The Power of Silent Wisdom, which is a free e-magazine about animals, animal communication and the web of love... and how we all are gracefully connected with each other in a fantastic way. You can read more about Maiccu at AnimalsTalk.fi but also this new space is meant to inform you about what Maiccu is up to. You can find Maiccu on Facebook and on Twitter. The co-writer in this blog is Lea, who is the editor of PSW. Lea is committed to spreading the awareness about animal communication and for example translating animal communication related stuff in Eläinkommunikointiblog. Soo.. eventually, you will see both Finnish and English here, it is totally up to you what language you choose to read! Whatever you do, listen to your heart!